with  extra vergin oliv oil


Dakos Salad 5,8

With feta cheese, grated tomatoes, wheat rusks and kritamos


Pork belly 5,8 

With rocula, spinach, homemade croutons and cherry tomatoes.

Green chicken Salad 6,3

With corn, katiki and sun-dried tomato yogurt sauce


Politiki 4,9

Cabbage & carrot With Florina peppers, celery, garlic and chives


Bread 1,6

Traditionally fermented


Cheese Spicy Spread 3,6

with greek cream cheese and feta cheese

Fried Zucchini Sticks 4,5

with grated gruyere

Handmade Potato Chips 3,5

with grated gruyere and oregano


Potatoes and eggs 4,4 

fresh fries with a fried egg and feta sauce

Cheese Croquettes 5,8 

With handmade beets and green apples chutne

Loukoumades 5,6

with frumenty, feta sauce, honey and black sesame seeds


Traditional Zucchini balls 5,2

with yogurt and spearmint sauce 


Fried feta 5,4

coated in sesame seeds with honey sauce

Guzleme 5,2 

Traditional Greek fried pies of Lesbos with Pastourmas (Cured beef)




From the over 

Pie crust Pouches 6,0 

with ground beef, eggplant pesto and soy sauce dressing


Traditional zucchini pie 5,2

With metsovone cheese


Sweet 'n' sour chicken 5,9 

with peppers and cheese in a clay pot 


Savory kataifi 6,2

With minced beef filling, black beans and edam cheese


Stuffed mushrooms 6,2 

with spinach, parmesan and caramelised onions

Honey glazed pork 6,3

in a clay pot With pears and yogurt sauce


On a pan

Striftaria 6,5 

Traditional pasta of Lemnos island with cream and chicken apaki


with celery root and fresh vegetables (vegan option)


Chicken & Cheese Balls 6,4

with cream cheese and Florina peppers' sauce 


Mushrooms on a pan 5,4 

with cream and parmesan


Chicken on a pan 5,5 

with tarragon sauce


Pork on a pan 5,5

with leeks and sun-dried tomatoes


Meatballs 5,5

with spearmint and fragrant truffle mayonnaise 

Tenderloin 7,1

With pepper sauce




On the grill

Beef pattys 6,2

made from 100% ground beef with cold beetroot salad

Chicken breast 5,6

with cold beetroot salad

Pork belly 5,9

With ginger sauce


Sausage 5,4

traditionally made


Pork chops 10.9

on a scoop


Mix Grill 18,9

with fresh fries, pork chops, sausages, chicken thigh on skewers, chicken breast fillets and beef burgers


Grandma's: with feta cream, tomato, omelette and olive paste 3,5

Grocer's: with mortadella, gruyere, tomato, olive oil and lettuce 3,5 


Greek coffee brewed on the ember with spoon sweet 2,4 

Double Greek coffee brewed on the ember with spoon sweet 3 

Spoon sweet 1,3

Submarine dessert 2,8 

Orgeat 3 

Mountain tea 2,6

Chamomile 2,6 

Homemade sour cherry juice 3

Homemade lemon juice 3

Fresh juice 3,5 

Soft Drinks (Orangeade, Lemon soda, Cola) 2,5